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Filler & Volume

| What are Dermal Fillers

Known for diminishing wrinkles and replenishing lost volume in skin and lipsAs the leading providers of dermal fillers in the Greater Seattle Washington Area - Mill Creek. Skin Addiction has a range of options like Juvederm, Restylane, and Sculptra products. Our goal is to assist patients in safely and effectively achieving their aesthetic objectives, unveiling remarkably natural-looking appearance. Dermal fillers are injectable substances designed to add volume, smooth lines, and enhance facial contours. The most common types of dermal fillers include hyaluronic acid-based fillers, calcium hydroxylapatite, and poly-L-lactic acid. These fillers are strategically injected to address specific areas of the face, providing a non-surgical solution for volume loss and the signs of aging.

| How Dermal Fillers Work

Dermal fillers work by replenishing lost volume and smoothing wrinkles, providing a non-surgical solution for achieving a more youthful appearance. Comprising substances like hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring component in the skin, these fillers attract and bind water, enhancing hydration and restoring elasticity. The injection process is skillfully administered by trained professionals, targeting specific areas such as nasolabial folds, vertical lip lines, and cheeks to address various concerns related to aging. The effects are immediate, and downtime is minimal, making dermal fillers a popular choice for those seeking a refreshed look without the need for surgery.

| Expected Results

Patients receiving dermal filler treatments can expect immediate improvements in the treated areas, with visible volume enhancement and a reduction in lines and wrinkles. The results are natural-looking and can last from several months to over a year, depending on the type of filler used. Dermal fillers are versatile and can be used to address various concerns, including lip augmentation, cheek enhancement, and nasolabial fold reduction. Regular maintenance sessions may be recommended to sustain the desired aesthetic outcomes.

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