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| What is Electrocautery

Electrocautery is a medical procedure that uses a high-frequency electrical current to cut or coagulate tissue. In aesthetic medicine, electrocautery is often utilized for the removal of skin lesions, warts, and other benign growths. The procedure involves the controlled application of electrical energy to achieve precise and targeted tissue destruction or removal.

| How Electrocautery Works

During electrocautery, a specialized tool with a fine electrode is used to deliver electrical energy to the targeted tissue. The high-frequency current generates heat, causing the tissue to be cut or coagulated. Electrocautery is effective in removing unwanted skin growths or lesions by either vaporizing the tissue or creating a controlled burn. The procedure is commonly performed in a medical setting, ensuring a sterile and controlled environment.

| Expected Results

Patients undergoing electrocautery can expect the targeted removal of skin lesions, warts, or other benign growths. The procedure is precise, and the treated area typically heals over time. While some minor redness or scabbing may occur initially, proper post-procedural care is essential for optimal healing. Electrocautery is favored for its efficiency in removing unwanted skin imperfections with minimal scarring.

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