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| What is Sculptura

Sculptura is a dermal filler treatment designed to restore volume and fullness to the face, particularly targeting deep lines and wrinkles. Composed of poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptura stimulates collagen production, resulting in a natural-looking rejuvenation that can last up to two years. The injections are strategically placed to add subtle lift and improve facial contours gradually over a few months. The treatment is often sought for non-surgical facial rejuvenation, offering a more youthful appearance without the need for invasive procedures.

| How Does Sculptura Work

Sculptura works by stimulating the body's natural collagen production. Poly-L-lactic acid, the main component, is biocompatible and gradually absorbed by the body. When injected, it acts as a scaffold for collagen growth, triggering the skin's regenerative processes. Over several weeks, collagen builds up, filling in wrinkles and restoring volume. The treatment involves a series of sessions, allowing for a progressive enhancement of the treated areas. Sculptura's unique approach provides a natural-looking outcome that evolves over time, making it a popular choice for those seeking subtle and long-lasting facial rejuvenation.

| Expected Results

Patients can anticipate a gradual improvement in facial volume and reduction of wrinkles as collagen production increases. While initial results may be visible after the first session, the full effects become more apparent in the weeks following subsequent treatments. Sculptura delivers a subtle, natural-looking outcome, avoiding an overly dramatic change. The benefits include smoother skin texture, improved facial contours, and a rejuvenated appearance that can last up to two years. As collagen continues to develop, the skin's overall quality and elasticity are enhanced, contributing to a more youthful and refreshed aesthetic. Regular maintenance sessions can help extend the longevity of the results.

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